Roof Leakage

Roof Repair and Leakage 

Roof Leakage is a common and serious problem in buildings & houses in Singapore. Leaking roof can cause extensive damage to the structure and interior. 

The roof is the most important structure of a house, and if it has been neglected for too long, there can be major issues such as leakage and growing of mold on the exterior walls or rooftop.

Even the smallest of rooftop leakage can escalate into bigger problems such as mold and rotting structural components.

Our experts will check the condition throughly to repair your roof leakage. A thorough assessment of interior damage coupled with the determination of water penetration and vulnerable points on the roof will first be conducted. Thereafter, restoration and resealing can be done to restore your roof.

We has a team of technicians who are experienced in providing the best solutions to roof leaking and repairs that includes 

  • Trouble-shooting of roof leakage issues
  • Repairs to valley gutters/ventilation pipes etc.
  • P.U injection and epoxy injection
  • Patching of cracks with non-shrink repair mortar

Various approaches might be possible after our staff have evaluated the building condition. We aim to provide the best possible ways to help owners achieve a long-lasting solution to the roof leakage issues while keeping cost low and affordable.

Our waterproofing solution target to seal off leakage from any type of surface. Feel free to contract us and we will assign a waterproofing contractor in Singapore to visit you shortly.


Frequently Asked Questions

iS there warranty after the waterproofing job is done?

We provide before service consultation and after service warranty for all our waterproofing job.

Is there charges for site survey or onsite consultation?

We don’t charge you anything for onsite consultation and site survey. its always best for us to have a look at the site and discuss with you face to face to better understand your issues and requirements before quotation.

Are you guys certify? to work on the waterproofing jobs?

With more than 10 year in the field. We are reputable in the industrial, all our staff are highly trained in their specific field. 

Are you guys expensive?

We offer different grades of waterproofing materials, along with preventative waterproofing measures plus we try to keep the price reasonable and affordable. No worries about the price, we always quote and try to meet the clients requirements.

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