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Painting and repainting

Do I Need Color Consulting? How Does it Work?

Step 01 - Decide if the house or commercial need a paint job

Your property, office or business premise will be given a new fresh look with style, warmth and personality upon painting. Most people would want a new paint look when they are moving or upgrading whether it’s a home or office. If you are planning to sell or rent out your house, it is essential to improve the physical appeal in order to increase the potential sale value of your place.

Step 02 - call us for free onsite survey

We offer free site survey regardless of paint job project size. We are confident of providing professional commercial painting or external painting services to our clients, delivering the best in a timely manner. Contact Us today for a No-Obligations Painting  Quote!

Step 03 - style and color - consultation

We also have the wealth of knowledge in advising which painting materials to use. Our friendly painting consultants can help to provide professional colour matching for you. In addition, we have the expertise to solve problems such as fading, flaking or chalking of paints, efflorescence, holes and cracks.

Step 04 - Price and material

We have the best-in-class painters, combining the best procedures, techniques and sense in aesthetics to bring out the best in each job. We offer competitive pricing and are not worried about price comparing with other painting service providers.

Step 05 - timeframe and job scope

We have vast experience in painting bungalows, detached houses, semi-detached, terrace houses or cluster housing as for commercial painting of business premises, there are many rules and regulations to adhere to. Office painting is considered as more complex than residential painting as there is more furniture and office items that needs to be protected. Therefore, it takes a skilled and highly experienced contractor to complete office painting projects effectively with minimum disruption to the business.

W also have years of experience in commercial exterior painting projects. Changes in weather conditions may have adverse effects on the exterior walls of your property. For example, systematic contraction and expansion within the walls will crack the exterior artwork, allowing accelerated moisture penetration. Also, exposure to UV light fades the painted surfaces. We are confident of providing professional commercial/external painting services to our clients, delivering the best in a timely manner.

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Color to Choose From!

If you are unsure of what color you would like for your painting or repainting job. Our consultant can advise and go through with you the possible combination best suited for your property or business premise 


Types of Materials and Brands that We Use!

We only use high quality materials that let you relax for years without headaches. Our trained staff will ensure that your exteriors are evenly and beautifully coated. 

As a painting specialist in this industry along with plenty years of experience, we stress the importance of getting a professional painter to repaint your property as this type of work requires a considerable amount of effort and knowledge in paints to execute it properly and efficiently.

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