With our experience, and skills, we offer industry-leading safety fireproofing services that instil confidence in clients looking for durable, economic, and quality solutions for their infrastructure fireproofing needs.

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Our reputation for quality and value are the results of product knowledge, experience, and stringent technical guidelines and project-specific quality control processes.

ShieldGuard project management and field personnel carefully plan each fireproofing project. Our crews work closely with customers to address all areas of concern during project pre-planning, including safety, quality control, constructability, budgeting, scheduling, and phasing as it relates to optimizing efficiency and potential disruption to ongoing operations.

Our engineered products and services, has earned recognition as one of the industry’s leading repair and maintenance companies dedicated to the fireproofing services.


Our Services

  • Fire Rated Board System
  • Fire Rated Door

Fire Rated Board System

Consist of non-combustible core, composed primarily of gypsum or cement. The system is commonly used in Singapore to most of the building and industrial project due to it is light, easy installation and fast. It can used it act as drywall, to the ceiling, to floor or any box up area that can’t build it on block wall or RC wall.

Fire Safety Products and Materials

All the fire rated safety products and materials are regulated in Singapore by the Singapore Civil Defence Force ( SCDF). Only approved material and system by the SCDF can be used before obtained the certification.

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