Structural steel fireproofing


Vermiculite is hard, tough, cost efficient steel structure fireproofing coating by spray application or trowel if require.

Internal grade - Low density

External Grade – High density


Both grades are planned for establishment by spray procedures. It can be connected to uncovered steel surfaces within the thickness of up to 30 mm at a time. The steel surface must be dry and free of dirt, oil, and rust.

Fire Performance

As applied, both grades of spray are rated “Non-combustible” to BS476 Part 4:1970 and comply with performance requirements of “Class O” as defined in Building Regulations.

Both grades have been fully tested on structural steel beams and columns for up to 4hours fire resistance in accordance with BS476 Part21: 1987.

The Thickness of the fire protection material required for a given period of fire resistant is dependent upon the surface area of the steel member exposed to fire and its equivalent cross sectional area (Hp/A) value for the section. Detailed information on the required thickness for SLV is available upon request.

Intumescent Paint

Intumescent fireproofing are thin film decoration coating designed for exposed applications where appearance is of primary importance.

Finished off with an approved top coat, these fireproofing products are increasingly seen as the solution to achieving fire resistance ratings for exposed structural steel.

Epoxy based Intumescent - suitable for exposed weathering conditions

Solvent based Intumescent - economical coating for internal environment

Fire Performance

Both type of Intumescent paint are tested to BS476 Part 21:1987 on structural steel beams & columns for up to 2hours fire resistance

Both type of Intumescent paint are rated 'Class O' to BS476 Part 6 & 7:1970 compliance with the performance requirements of Building Regulation.